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Getting a new tattoo involves breaking the skin surface so there is always a potential risk for infection to occur afterwards.
Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important
that this advice is followed so that the infection risk can be minimised.

Minimising Infection Risk Guidance Tips:
Avoid unnecessary touching, scratching or picking of the new tattoo site to reduce the risk of introducing infection;
Always wash and dry your hands before and after handling a new tattoo site;
Your new tattoo will consist of an area of tiny skin breaks, caused by the tattooing needles, so it should be kept covered afterwards for at least an hour using the sterile, non-adherent dressing, applied by your practitioner. This dressing is only intended to get you home without the treated area catching on clothing, or being exposed to the air. The dressing will also help to stop any bleeding/fluid oozing, but should be removed before it dries on the treated area;
After removal of that dressing, gently wash the tattoo site with warm tap water and pat dry with a clean hand towel or tissue. Do not rub or skin will become irritated;
If possible, shower rather than bathe whilst the tattoo is healing so that unnecessary water exposure is prevented;
Do not use skin products on the treated area that have not been recommended by your operator or are not intended for open wound healing. You may apply moisturising cream 2-3 times a day to assist healing and prevent skin cracking, but avoid petroleum based creams as they may affect the colour of the treated area. There is generally no need to use any other skin creams/antiseptic products and you should not share skin products with others;
After approximately two weeks, any scabbing should have gone and been replaced with new, intact skin. The area should be completely healed in a further 10-14 days;
Avoid swimming, sun beds and sun bathing until your new tattoo is fully healed, as direct sunlight/chlorine can interact with tattoo dye pigments causing skin irritation and inflammation;
Try to wear loose, cotton clothing to minimise rubbing and irritation to a new tattoo site;
Always keep a new tattoo covered and protected if working in a dirty/dusty/oily environment;
If you have any problems/queries, contact your practitioner initially. He/she will refer you onto your GP if there are signs of adverse reaction/infection. 


I acknowledge by signing this agreement that I have been given the full opportunity to ask any and all questions which I might have about the obtaining of a tattoo and that all of my questions have been answered to my full satisfaction. I specifically acknowledge I have been advised of the facts and matters set forth below and I agree as follows:

  • If I have Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hepatitis, Hemophilia, HIV-AIDS, or any other communicable disease, heart condition, or take medicine which thins the blood, I have advised my tattooer.
  • I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • I acknowledge it is not reasonably possible for the representatives and employees of this tattoo shop to determine whether I might have an allergic reaction to the pigments or processes used in my tattoo and I agree to accept the risk that such a reaction is possible.
  • I acknowledge that infection is always possible as a result of the obtaining of a tattoo, particularly in the event that I do not take proper care of my tattoo.
  • I have received aftercare instructions and I agree to follow them while my tattoo is healing.
  • I agree that any touch-up work needed due to my own negligence will be done at my own expense.
  • I realize that variations in color and design may exist between any tattoo as selected by me and as ultimately applied to my body.
  • I understand that if my skin color is dark the colors will not appear as bright as they do on light skin.
  • I acknowledge that a tattoo is a permanent change to my appearance and that no representations have been made to me as to the ability to later change or remove my tattoo.
  • To my knowledge I do not have a physical, mental or medical impairment or disability which might affect my well being as a direct or indirect result of my decision to have a tattoo.
  • I acknowledge I am over the age of 18 and that I have truthfully represented to my tattooer that the obtaining of a tattoo is by my choice alone.
  • I consent to the application of the tattoo and to any actions or conduct of the representatives and employees of the tattoo shop reasonably necessary to perform the tattoo procedure.
  • I fully understand THE TATTOO ARTIST DOES NOT ACT AS A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. Any suggestions made to me are NOT to be construed as or substituted for advice from a medical professional.
  • I understand that if I have any skin treatments, laser hair removal, plastic surgery, or other skin altering procedures it may result in adverse changes to my tattoo.

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Appointment Guidance

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (see below) please do not attend your appointment. Please contact us as soon as you know you will be unable to attend so we can reschedule.

COVID-19 Symptoms:

  • a high temperature or shivering (chills) – a high temperature means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • shortness of breath
  • feeling tired or exhausted
  • an aching body
  • a headache
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  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhoea
  • feeling sick or being sick