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Ear candling is a holistic and complementary treatment - it is therefore not designed to treat/cure any particular ailment. It is a natural approach and many people say they find it helpful for maintaining general health and well-being.

Those who may benefit from ear candling include those struggling with:

  • migraines
  • hay fever
  • anxiety and stress
  • post flying and driving pressure
  • swimmer’s ear
  • asthma
  • vertigo
  • yeast infections
  • colds and flu
  • parasites
  • itching in the ears

    Ensure you speak to your doctor about your symptoms to see if medical assistance is required. Ear candling works well as a complementary treatment, alongside medical interventions.

    The treatment involves one end of the Ear Candle being placed into the ear while the other end is lit, creating a mild chimney effect which gently and naturally encourages any unwanted residues to make its way out of the ear in it's own time. Please note that the candles do not "suck" anything out of your ear canal as is sometimes suggested and there is a filter in the narrow end that is placed into the ear to ensure that nothing falls into the ear itself.

    Candling can aid stress relief in general and may also reduce the discomfort experienced from certain conditions. The treatment is first and foremost intended for relaxation so if you have any ear problems or problems with your hearing then you should visit your doctor or an audiologist.

    While it is considered a natural approach with no side-effects, ear candling does carry risks. Having a lit candle inserted into the ear requires expert handling and supervision to avoid potential problems such as a punctured eardrum or burns to the face, hair, scalp or ear.

    Generally, ear candling is a safe and relaxing experience - as long as the treatment is not used excessively or carried out incorrectly.

Aftercare Advice

After Your Treatment

After receiving an Ear Candling treatment it is perfectly normal to experience the following, known as contra-actions:

  • Cold like symptoms
  • Sticky feeling within the ears or the losing of ear wax
  • Headache or Slight dizziness
  • Slight dryness in the throat

These reactions will last no longer than 24-48 hours, but if you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.
You may also experience:

  • Improvement in clarity of sound
  • Lighter feeling in the head and face due to sinus pressure relief



  • Ear wax/residue may naturally work its way out of the ear over the following 24-48 hours, this is normal (We recommend that you protect your pillows with a towel to prevent staining of your bedding).
  • Do not submerge your head under water for 24 hours after your treatment and try to avoid cold air blowing into your ears.
  • Do not insert anything, including cotton buds inside your ears.
  • Drinking plenty of water, squash, or herbal teas to help eliminate toxins and flush out the lymphatic system.
  • If you experience a runny nose please blow it gently rather than sniffing.
  • If you had a bit of a cold at the time of your treatment please note your symptoms may get worse.
  • You should leave a minimum of 48 hours between treatments.

Follow up treatment depends on the nature of the ear complaint, please speak with your therapist for additional advice.


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